• NotchCon 2019回顾




    NotchCon 2019 介绍

    Advanced Procedurals

    How To Build Beautiful Particle Systems Like a Pro

    Beyond IMAG: Next-Level Integration of 3D and Video

    Brand-centric World: Fitting Brands Creative Needs with Notch

    Breaking the 16K Barrier: Multi-Machine Rendering, Determinism, and the Future

    Building Musical Instruments from Visuals

    Falling in Reverse: Physics, Dynamics and Rigid Bodies Exploded

    FRAY Studio: Generative Content for Theatre

    Hello Computer: A Deep Dive On Getting Real-Time Data Into Notch

    Let's Get Physically Based Rendering: Understanding Materials in Notch

    Aphex Twin - Interactive Installation

    Making a Splash With Fluid Simulations: Smoke, Liquids and Beyond


    5 Lessons Learned With Notch in Live Broadcast

    Notch for Projection Mapping: The full nine yards

    Notch and the 3D Pipeline: A Surprisingly Rich Set of Interconnects

    Notch in Live Tours: New Frontiers in Creative and Business

    NotchLC:One Small Step for Notch, One Giant Leap for GPU Codecs

    Panel: Is Notch Disrupting the Client-Creator Relationship

    Panel: What Real-Time Means for the Future of Content Design

    Bringing the City to Life

    Mapping out Notch in AR Production Environments

    The Stupid & Silly: 'What Else' We Do with Notch at MEPTIK

    VJ Touring Setups & Secrets with Comix

    Keeping it real (time) - Achieving High Quality Lighting in a Real-time Environment